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Three Online Marketing Mistakes that Can Cost Your Brand Terribly

Mistakes are a part of life. Even the most experienced and learned people can make errors that can cost them millions. It is important to learn from these errors and avoid repeating them. Several internet marketing companies in Los Angeles run numerous digital marketing campaigns throughout the year to launch, promote, and market their brands.

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With so many campaigns running throughout the year – only a handful of them makes it to the mark. But, why is that? In most cases, these agencies make one or two critical errors that can impact the entire campaign. There is a high chance that you might be making these blunders on your digital campaign.

Don’t worry, it never too late to fix these errors.

Here are some of the top mistakes one can make during online marketing:

  1. Ignoring mobile users 

Mobile phones are one of the most used electronic gadgets in modern times. This device is used for not only making calls but for a lot more things. So, to make an impact on digital marketing – you have to direct your attention towards these mobile using customers.

Optimize your website for mobile users, as it ensures the users stay on the page and convert themselves into possible leads. Developing a mobile-friendly website and/or application can help in expanding the reach of the business.

  1. Not including an associated blog with the website

Having an associated blog is crucial for the business campaign. Blogs increase viewership as well as helps in increasing the inbound links – in the end forming a relationship with the potential demographic of customers. Let them interact, post questions, or questions regarding the blog – making the brand popular.

  1. Avoiding discounts

Everybody loves discounts and rewards. It can help you in increasing the interest of potential customers as well as converting them. It also assists in increasing traffic for the website – in short making the promotional campaign successful.  

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Have you been making these errors while running your business campaign online? Then, it is high time you make efforts to fix them. To know more about online campaign mistakes and how to fix them, you can always approach the Top IT Marketing Inc., the internet marketing companies in Los Angeles. For more information, visit or call (323) 250-3726.

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Three Mistakes you need to avoid While Doing Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the major tools for advertising a certain product and service. However, numerous agencies often complain that these promotional activities do not work for them. According to a trusted agency doing social media marketing in Los Angeles, most of the time advertising over these platforms does not work because marketing executives end up doing some common mistakes that take the entire campaign downhill.

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Here are the three biggest mistakes you should avoid while doing your social media campaign:

  1. Not having a plan for an ad campaign on social media 

Without proper planning and strategizing, you might end up with an ineffective social media campaign. Infrequent social media posts, irrelevant content, and a half-hearted attempt to grab followers for the same – might not result in much success. For a successful campaign, you will need timely posted relevant content on the social media platform. And, to do that you will need a plan.

  1. Thinking all the social media platforms as same

Each social media platform has its eco-system with its own set of rules and viewer base. To make the campaign more successful you need to understand the requirements of the given platform and create content according to it. Instead of posting the same content on all the platforms, try to create valuable snippets suiting the flavor of the platform.

  1. Focusing on networking

Having a million subscribers, who do not represent your ideal customer base, might not be helpful for your agency in the long-run. You need valuable followers who can convert to customers and help your business.

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Looking for a suitable agency that can help you in creating rewarding social media campaigns? Then, Top IT Marketing Inc., the social media marketing Los Angeles, can help you with the same. For more information, visit or call (323) 250-3726.

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Factors that will Affect Local Search Engine Marketing in 2020

The local search engine marketing is an effective tool. It can be used to promote a physical business that does point to point interaction with the customers. Technically, an agency that provides goods and services to the local community can be termed as a local business. The term broadly incorporates brick and mortar establishments, however, now sellers running their small shop from social media platforms are also included in the definition of local business. 

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Popularly referred to as local search engine optimization or local SEO – the entire operation is can increase the visibility of the business on the web. The Local SEO is more than a one size fit all marketing technique. It is more about using multiple promotional activities to transform an unfamiliar brand into a household name.     

Usually, the core pointers that make a successful local search engine promotional technique include: 

  1. Competitive edge 
  2. Website optimization
  3. Publishing and strategy 
  4. NAP consistency and breadth 
  5. Website quality 

Local SEO and 2020

In 2020, the local shop owners and service providers have realized the benefits of local SEO and are trying to join the SEO-bandwagon. Moreover, the search-engine giants are constantly evolving the search algorithms to help the users in finding accurate answers – forcing the entrepreneurs to up their SEO game. And, with zero-click buys and voice-assisted search, the SEO is becoming an interesting game. 

According to an experienced SEO analyst, with Google constantly updating its algorithms, several factors can affect the local rankings. Few of them are:

  • Is the business local? 

With Google dominating the local search queries and it is using proximity and location of the user to return relevant results. Since the update back in 2014, more and more users have been using the search engine to find relevant information. In fact, according to the data released by Google, users have been modifying near me queries to include where to buy or similar information.  

Thus, providing accurate address and location of the business becomes more important in 2020. A minor error in the business location could mean a loss of potential customers and worse.

  • Mobile-responsive website

In 2018, Google launched the mobile-first index and things have been rolling since then. In this indexing system, the search engine crawler searches for a mobile version of a webpage instead of its desktop counterpart. Thus, a poorly developed mobile website would not be fetched by the crawlers and could impact the ranking on the business. 

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Entrepreneurs can test their website’s mobile compatibility through several tools and tests. These tests check the website and provide relevant data helping the developers in fixing the errors.         

  • Cataloging is crucial 

Often considered as one of the most crucial ranking factors, the correct association of the business on the search engine can impact the ranking on the search engine result page (SERP). Incorrect cataloging or listicle could confuse the Google crawlers, impacting the rankings especially for the near me queries. 

This could be fatal for the business, as more and more users are using near me queries to buy products. 


Overall, the local search engine marketing is influencing the purchase of the consumers. When used correctly, it can surely assist business and sales. Are you interested to know more? Then, local Beverly Hills-based Top IT Marketing Inc could be of assistance. Visit or call (323) 250-3726 to know more.

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Seven Tips to Enhance Local Search Engine Marketing

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Businesses don’t run smooth without a local online presence, and to make good use of the local search engine marketing, you must know these seven tips to start with

  • Sponsor local meet up
  • Practice content marketing
  • Deliver spotless customer service
  • Blog about local event
  • Decrease the loading time for your website
  • Use long-tail keyword
  • Optimize the website by voice search

Contact Top It Marketing for a professional solution by visiting or dial 323-250-3726 to speak to trained experts.

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Four Undeniable Benefits of Digital Marketing Agency Los Angeles

That being said, when there are permanent employees, they will all be under the pay roll and with all the benefits that any other in-house employee will get. It might not b a big deal for the large companies but the small and mid-sized enterprises will find it difficult to have so many employees appointed. This is why you can get in touch with the experts of the digital marketing agency Los Angeles do can provide a pool of talents as and when required.

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Find out the benefits here-

  • Help promoting across various channels

Hiring individual marketers to promote certain sections of your business is a proficient idea as they can take care of the vivid channels such as social media strategies, web development, paid social media marketing and more.

  • Team work

A full service digital marketing agency Los Angeles can collaborate perfectly with the clients bringing to the table some cutting-edge ideas. Being an agency, they will have a host of talents under the same umbrella and their collective expertise will make branding, marketing and re-targeting easier.

  • Cost effectiveness

Understandably, these agencies are a more cost effective option than having the individuals hired for your work. Additionally, you can negotiate the rates with them per project basis which is not possible when you have permanent employees.

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  • Highlights on core activities

There’s always more to marketing when you think of successfully running a business. From developing new products, overseeing the various inventory, and managing the staff – hiring a digital marketing agency will be a one stop solution. The agency in work, you  do not have to focus on anywhere apart from your core business activities because the rest of the work wil be taken care by the experts.

Working for more than ten years, Top It Marketing is deemed as one of the top digital marketing agencies of Los Angeles. To help your business reach the goal it’s aiming for, partnering with Top It Marketing is a great idea. Find out more about their work and how they can help reposition your brand through

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Four Considerable Points in 2020 Digital Marketing

AI and data-driven marketing are two big things you cannot ignore in 2020. That being said, the top marketing agencies in Los Angeles cannot overarch their focus only on technology but has to know about their people as well.

Pro tips:

  • Being updated with the right definition of marketing which changes constantly
  • Employee Engagement, Customer Experience, and Content Visualization are the three main things that will dominate 2020
  • It’s high time to move beyond the regular concepts of branding and advertising

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Customer Experience

Believe it or not, there will a tremendous shift in beliefs and the xisting definitions of marketing in 2020. The priority is now about presening with a fantastic customer experiences rather than solely focusing on people to buy from or work with. Building a positive business culture is what makes the entire brand thrive in today’s condition.

Customer experience or CX has been the buzzword in marketing spheres for a long time and studies show about 75% of people states customer experience as one of the key important points. What it exactly involves is convenience, efficiency, knowledgeable and friendly service.


Smart speakers and voice searches has seen a huge explosion in the last couple of years, neglecting visual content can be deadly. People always prefer visual content to that of plain text, which is why  image-focused platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are seeing a huge growth.

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Employee Engagement

The cornerstone of great customer service is having friendly and efficient services. A recent research showed close to 46% of consumers will drop a brand if their employees are not aware of their products. Adding to it, bad employee attitude can completely stop a business opportunity.


Increased data collection has lead to an improved level of personalization. In an age when consumers are tired of unnecessary marketing messages and traditional marketing is almost on the verge of failing its efficacy, personalized marketing messages can mould a real-time connection.

The expert marketing professionals will provide you with –

  • planning & strategy
  • design & development
  • test & deliver

Visit to find out how they can help in creating your digital campaign and get your rolling on success.

For more details

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Three Things no Top Digital Marketing Company Should Ever Miss

Digital marketing has amassed lot of popularity in the last couple of years. Ever since the boom of internet technology, there has been a rapid rise in the graph of adapting to changing the consumer behaviors and following the latest strategies to improve ROI from a marketing budget. To find the right balance for your business, the best marketing company of Los Angeles needs to cover the steps that can create a powerful marketing campaign.

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The impact of digital marketing as well as social media is clearly significant and is rapidly growing in this technology-obsessed world. Many startups and organizations these days are now solely focused on how to avail effectual online campaigns. Although the essence of traditional marketing continues to the be one of the pillar ways in branding and reaching out to the audience, digital marketing has become the inevitable part of marketing campaigns these days.

In 2020, the key marketing trends of digital marketing looks like as follows:

Lifecycle marketing –

Consumer follows non-linear journeys these days. So, irrespective of the business type, there has be a growing sense of awareness, closely attended by customer leads and prospects.

Digital marketing plays a big role in creating a unified customer experience and offers a more integrated option in planning the online marketing strategies.

Conversational marketing –

Arguably one of the most exciting trends in marketing today, this type of marketing helps in bringing together meteoric consumer adoption of the latest trends. Artificial Intelligence is what fuels conversational marketing and is regarded as one of the key innovation of digital marketing. To define it simply, the conversational marketing helps in enabling interactions between companies and customers (through AI) mimicking human dialogue to the extent possible. This creates a sense of authenticity and eventually generates revenue.

Insights-driven marketing –

Enhancing the data-driven marketing should be one of the most desired skills amongst digital marketers these days. Intensive users of customer analytics are much more probable in outperforming the competitors who fail to use it. New Voice of the Customer (VoC) techniques, for instance, is one of the advances in customer analytics supports and has been studied to positively influence and improve customer preferences for future products and services.

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Top It Marketing has a team of experts who are dedicated in creating the right digital marketing strategies that will help branding and placing the businesses to the customers. By employing the latest digital marketing technologies and strategies, the team will help you find the right way to grow your business. Visit to find out more.

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Social Media Marketing Trends for 2020

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Social media (SM) is going to dominate the online search and results in the upcoming year. It will impact the digital marketing strategies, and if you are not into the social media bandwagon – then you and your brand are surely missing out on something. The SM marketing would comprise of:

  1. Chatbots
  2. Social Stories
  3. Social Shopping          
  4. Social Customer Service
  5. And, influencers

Are you ready to take a new leap in 2020 and focus on social media for expanding your business? Then, the social media marketing Los Angeles agency, Top IT Marketing Inc., could help you in the matter. For more information, visit or call (323) 250-3726.

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Three Basic Benefits of Social Media Marketing

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is social media. It is growing and how! This powerful tool can serve as an incredible marketing opportunity.

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New avenues for digital marketing have opened up and the following are the main reasons for investing in the experts of Social media marketing in Los Angeles:

Improved brand awareness

If you want to increase your business visibility, there is no better platform than social media. A proper social media strategy can help you significantly increase the brand recognition. In fact, a recent study showed about 91% marketers have benefitted by spending couple of hours in social media. The immediate interaction with the audience can help a lot in branding.


Unlike traditional marketing and advertising strategy, social media is almost free. Even when you will have paid advertising on social media, it will be far less expensive than what you need to spend on traditional marketing options. With strategized solutions, you can have improved conversion rates and get return on, marketing

Engage with your customers

Social media is one of the perfect tools to engage and interact with your customers. The more you communicate with the audience, there will be a clearer picture of consumer behaviour. This two-way communication can help you cater to the consumer base with ease. To get the attention and convey the brand message, social media marketing is one of the best tools to invest in without any hassle.

Meet the experts of social media marketing at or dial (323) 250-3726 to find out more.